Friday, November 30, 2018

DriveSavers Lets Consumers Retrieve Data From Locked iOS Devices

Juli Clover:

DriveSavers today announced the launch of a new consumer-facing service that’s designed to unlock iOS devices for customers who have forgotten their passcodes, been locked out after too many incorrect entry attempts, or who need to access the data on the device of a deceased family member.

DriveSavers says it is using “new proprietary technology” to recover data from a passcode-locked devices, a service that has previously been limited to law enforcement agencies and unavailable to the average consumer.


Utilizing new technology, we have a 100% success rate with unlocking and recovering data from passcode-protected smartphones of every make, model and operating system with any length passcode, including phones and tablets with more complicated passcodes of six digits or more.

Thomas Reed:

Just called @drivesavers on the phone and asked some questions about unlocking an iPhone as a “prospective customer.” Sounds like they require users to fill out a questionnaire, with things like favorite numbers, birthdays, etc. Sounds like brute forcing to me.

Given that, it seems unlikely that they can guarantee 100% success with all phones, regardless of passcode length. A long passphrase would likely be a no-go, and if you’ve got your iPhone set to erase the phone after 10 failed attempts, that ups the difficulty.

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