Thursday, September 20, 2018

New Git Client: Sublime Merge

Sublime Merge:

The Integrated Merge Tool allows you to resolve any merge conflicts directly in Sublime Merge, rather than having to open up your editor of choice.


Use find-as-you-type search to dig up the exact commit you're looking for.

Search for commit messages, commit authors, file names, and wildcard patterns. Complex search queries can be constructed using and, or and () symbols.


Where it makes sense we will show you exactly which individual characters have been changed for a commit.


Sublime Merge performs full syntax highlighting identically to Sublime Text for every line of code you see.

From a Mac perspective, the user interface looks kind of odd. But there is a lot to like here. It feels really fast and has good keyboard navigation. It has some ideas I hadn’t seen before, such as hunk history and putting the staging area at the top of the commit list rather than in a separate source list item. The main thing it doesn’t seem to do is full text search.

Sublime Store:

Personal licenses [$99] are a once off purchase, and come with 3 years of updates. After 3 years, an upgrade will be required to receive further updates. One license key in all you need for all your computers and operating systems

On the other hand, business licenses are $75/year.

Update (2018-09-24): I found that the diff viewer does not wrap long lines, making it unusable for certain types of files (such as .strings). I also really missed Tower’s way of having a separate list to manage the staged files, rather than showing the hunks and the files together.

Update (2018-10-24): jps:

We currently have an internal prototype where the there’s an optional extra column listing the file names for a diff or the commit dialog (replacing the ability to expand a commit to show files in the commit graph). I expect this will appear in a dev build in the not too distant future.

With regards to the initial post, Dev Build 1080 will do full text search now.

It’s crashy for me in the beta, but I’m glad to see them working on this.

Update (2018-11-06): Will Bond:

While we continue to add more features and polish to the default Sublime Merge experience, we know that developers love the ability to tweak their tools. Sublime Merge is built on the same foundation as Sublime Text, so you can tweak key bindings, menus, command palette entries, and even the look and feel of the UI.

To assist, we’ve just rolled out a number of pages of documentation for users who wish to customize Sublime Merge to look and function a little differently.

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Basically bought it sight unseen based solely on the quality of Sublime Text.

Been looking for a git tool as good as Sublime Text for years.

Idk. I keep wondering how anyone can make git new. Sourcetree plus command line plus the excellent kdiff3 as my mergetool have been plenty for years on years.

Eg, I like history (as opposed to squashing and rebasing), but how often have I really needed to search for a commit? Maybe it'd change with better tooling, but I think that answer is "never".

Would be interesting to hear/see some reviews.

Full Text Search

Full text search has been added to Dev Build 1080

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Sublime Merge is the first GUI tool that really 'clicked' for me and I feel like I understand Git better.

It also made me realize i had a comfort zone on the command line, and there were areas I hadn't really grokked.

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