Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Sublime Merge Build 1092

Jon Skinner:

The contents view lets you step through modified files one by one. You can get to the contents view via the Contents tab on the side bar, double-clicking on a commit, or pressing space. It’s especially handy for reviewing and creating large commits.


Word wrap is now set to Auto mode by default: text and HTML files are displayed with word wrap on, while source code is displayed with word wrap off. You can set word wrap on or off for all files from the context menu.

These were two of the biggest issues for me. A recent update also added full text search. I still think the interface feels a bit weird, and not as intuitive as Tower’s, but the speed and syntax highlighting remain great, and I like seeing such quick development progress.

Previously: New Git Client: Sublime Merge.

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This is nice, especially since Tower switched to the worst kind of subscription model: the one where the application stops working when you don't have an active subscription (compared the the one where the app will launch and continue to be fully functional, but you loose all future updates).

Sublime Merge is finally getting me off the (unmaintained, ancient) GitX, where I've been stuck for years. It's not the prettiest Mac citizen but it does at least make a decent effort, and doesn't use non-native controls (like menus) "just because". Given I use Windows as much or more than the Mac these days, having a consistent and fast UI across platforms is pretty awesome.

I made a post on their forum about your complaints and they responded pretty quickly about adding changes addressing them to the dev build. Good to finally see them.

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