Friday, August 10, 2018

Redesigning Siri and Adding Multitasking Features to iOS

Kévin Eugène (via Mitchel Broussard):

The first part of this concept is focused on Siri. The idea here is not to create new commands, rather to display existing vocal requests that work well (like « Find me a good restaurant nearby » or « Get me pictures of Japan I took last year ») in a different way so they could be more useful to the user.

In iOS Mogi, Siri has been designed around a concept I call parallel help. The idea is to have a vocal assistant that is non-intrusive (it won’t take the whole screen like it does today), context aware, and can do things in the background for the user while they are doing something else.

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"And it works right from the lock screen:"

Something tells me the example is a security flaw.

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