Friday, August 10, 2018

Exporting Apple Notes to Markdown

Felix Krause (tweet):

At some point I noticed how some notes are not properly synced. After further investigation, turns out, my notes haven’t properly synced in months, and my iPhone and my 2 Macs are completely out of sync.

But hey, Apple of course follows GDPR, and they offer a great way to export notes

To copy notes, open the Notes app on your Mac or at Copy the text of each note and paste it into a document on your computer, such as a Pages or TextEdit document. Save the document to your computer.

With over 2,000 notes, this seems slightly inefficient.

So he wrote a Keyboard Maestro macro that pastes into Bear.

The Notes app is AppleScriptable, but it only lets you access the HTML of the notes, not the attachments. Previously, people have accessed the Notes database directly using SQLite, but Krause says this is no longer possible due to encryption.

Notes also has a non-scriptable Export command that creates PDFs, but it can only be used on one note at a time.

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I'm trying to figure out how to get Notes off my Mac and into an open source, Linux (probably Markdown) based solution.

If anyone else stumbles across this page looking for a solution you can now download all your notes, and all their attachments, directly from:

Now ... how to get everything cleanly into Markdown and what app to use. :-)

I have created Exporter to do exactly just that. You can check it out here :

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