Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Castro 3.1

John Voorhees (tweet):

Supertop has released another solid update to its podcast player, Castro. In today’s update, Castro adds file sideloading for Plus subscribers, significantly adding to the app’s utility as general purpose audio player. Subscribers can also pre-select the chapters of a podcast they want to play too.

For plus subscribers, the update adds a ‘Castro’ folder in iCloud Drive. Add an MP3 or AAC file into the ‘Sideloads’ folder, and it shows up in your Castro inbox (or wherever else you designate in settings) ready for playback.

This sounds cool, and I’d like to see iCloud Drive support in Overcast. However, I’m surprised that they are able to make this a premium feature. I thought you weren’t allowed to charge for iCloud access.

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They aren't charging for iCloud access, they are charging for a feature that allows you to import audio files placed in a folder in iCloud Drive into Castro. If you didn't have a subscription to Castro Plus, then they could still have that folder in iCloud Drive, it just wouldn't do anything when you placed a file inside it.

@Jeff Is the key that they don’t have a feature to manually open/import an audio file at all? So they are not withholding picking files from iCloud Drive? The feature is that they automatically scan the folder without user interaction.

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