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Masters of Automation 2017 Videos

Sal Soghoian:

The first CMD-D: Masters of Automation Conference was a resounding success!! As a gift from our CMD-D 2017 sponsors – The Omni Group and Jamf - we are sharing the videos from CMD-D 2017. We aren’t promising to always share video footage of CMD-D events, but we are thrilled to make these freely available. It was great to bring together the Apple automation and scripting community!

For 2018, we are excited to announce the CMD-D: Down-Home Scripting Boot Camp – an expanded three days of intensive scripting education. Ray Robertson and I will teach it, with hands-on exercises, and limited size for personal attention. It is designed for someone brand new to scripting, and useful for a scripter who is hungry to know more.

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Still the jackass who killed Mac Automation as we know it. A fine salesman for other's grand ideas, but couldn't organize a pissup in a brewery on his tod if his life depended on it. Will he cop to his errors, or continue to play like his own shit doesn't stink the whole house down? Not holding my breath. #prick #wanker

@has I follow the comments here because there’s usually a lot of insightful discussion. Why did you add such personal vitriol? Do you know Sal personally?

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