Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Castro 3’s Business Model


Oisín & Pádraig discuss the different options for Castro 3’s business model and the reasons behind the model they’ve chosen.

This is an interesting discussion about why they are switching to subscriptions despite previously not liking that model. Advertising does not seem like a good fit because they are deliberately targeting a niche user base. What is the proper way to balance unique features with a free trial?

Previously: Overcast Tries Ads.

Update (2018-04-05): Supertop:

In the latest episode of the podcast we give an overview of why we feel good about moving to subscription pricing for Castro and then discuss some of the issues we’ve experienced preparing for the transition.

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I wonder how well PocketCasts is doing financially since they are still using the old business model. I bought the iOS version years ago and eventually picked up Android and Web versions as well since the cloud sync works great across devices (I could never get the Apple Podcast app to sync podcasts correctly).

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