Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Castro Sold to Tiny

Supertop (via Ryan Christoffel):

Castro has reached a size where the demands of running the business have been pulling us in too many different directions. We haven’t been able to focus as much on the core work of designing and building a product. Selling to Tiny gets Castro access to more resources, contacts and expertise. By growing the team we can specialize our roles to be more focused individually and get more done collectively. We can get back to what we’re good at and what we love doing.

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Castro 3 has been downloaded more times in 3 days than Castro 2 was in 2 years. 😘

See also: Castro 3 Review.

Marco Arment:

Don’t worry, Overcast is not currently in any discussions for acquisition or investments, and I don’t foresee either happening anytime soon.

I don’t need anyone’s money, I don’t want any bosses, and a full-purchase price would be so large that few acquirers can and would pay it.

No more crazy business-model changes are on the horizon for Overcast — the podcast ads sell well, have no significant downsides, and actually benefit all three parties (users, advertisers, and Overcast).

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Is Arment ever not smug? Playing around with the business model is a luxury that he can afford and others can’t.

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