Monday, May 7, 2018

Swift LispKit

Swift LispKit:

LispKit is a framework for building Lisp-based extension and scripting languages for macOS applications. LispKit is fully written in the programming language Swift. LispKit implements a core language based on the R7RS (small) Scheme standard. It is extensible, allowing the inclusion of new native libraries written in Swift, of new libraries written in Scheme, as well as custom modifications of the core environment consisting of a compiler, a virtual machine as well as the core libraries.


From an architectural perspective, LispKit consists of:

  1. a compiler translating LispKit expressions into bytecode, and
  2. a virtual machine for interpreting the generated bytecode. The virtual machine is stack-based, handles tail calls and continuations, and provides a garbage collector.

Details can be found in the LispKit Wiki.

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Shiny! Bookmarked for future reference if I ever get back to developing entoli.

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