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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Why the Selection Changes When You Do Syntax Highlighting in a NSTextView

Christian Tietze:

In short: when you type and the attributes of the line change, the insertion point is moved to the end of the line. That sucks.

TL;DR: Do not perform style changes inside of NSTextStorage.processEditing() or NSTextStorageDelegate methods but subscribe to NSText.didChangeNotification or NSTextDelegate or NSTextViewDelegate.textDidChange(_:).

CloudApp for iMobile Scam App

Dan Byler (via John Gruber):

While browsing for an iOS-native service like Droplr or CloudApp, I came across and downloaded the “free” app CloudApp for iMobile – Cloud Drive App Sync Data. Astoundingly, this app trades on the reputations of both iCloud and CloudApp to scam users into paying $99/month for iCloud services.


I nearly fell prey to the scam myself: while screenshotting the app, I accidentally subscribed (because of the way TouchID is integrated into the home button – and the home button is part of taking screenshots)[…]


It’s maddening that garbage like this gets through the App Store review process when legitimate developers providing truly useful services are stymied all the time.

Dave Winer Interview

Internet History Podcast:

Dave Winer has been called the godfather of a lot of things. The godfather of blogging. The Godfather of Podcasting. One of the key people involved in the development of RSS. But as you’ll hear in this great and wide ranging chat, Dave Winer is just a software developer who has never stopped tinkering, never lost his interest in coming up with new tools and new technologies. Dave was kind enough to sit down and go over his whole career, from the very earliest days of the PC era, to the present day.

See also: Outliner History.

iBooks in iOS 11 and High Sierra

Guillermo del Toro:

Message in a bottle to Apple: My Ibooks have ceased to download- they freeze and then cancel themselves. I have tried everything: googled forums, emailed the pretended help lines- no answer. Is there no hope? What is a fat mortal to do?

Dan Masters:

iBooks has had PDF rendering issues going back to iOS 8. It’s a fucking joke and reflects poorly on iOS that it’s even preinstalled still.

Matt Birchler:

I wonder if iBooks would even exist if the iPad was new today and we understood tablets didn’t need to compete with e-readers. Seems Apple didn’t need to add anything to this market, nor did they have passion for it.

I pretty much only use iBooks to read Apple’s free developer documentation. So it’s hilarious that it’s constantly preventing me from doing this by telling me that my account is already authorized for five Macs. I have not even owned five Macs since iBooks was released, and I’ve used Deauthorize All on my iTunes account multiple times in the interim to get around bugs like this.

I’ve been happy with both my Kindle Oasis and the Kindle iOS apps, but the Kindle Mac app leaves a lot to be desired. For example, it doesn’t let you view more than one book at a time. And, as Dave DeLong notes, it doesn’t support cloud collections.

Previously: iBooks Author Conference Highlights Ecosystem Worries.

Update (2018-01-01): Jim Correia:

I just bought this book. Literally 2 minutes before I clicked “Read”.

Update (2018-12-04): Eli Schiff:

Fucking iBooks just removed all my bookmarks and saved notes. I am so pissed right now.