Saturday, April 29, 2017

8 TB Hard Drives Now Highly Attractive

Lloyd Chambers:

Hard drives prices have been relatively stable, but HGST now has a Deskstar NAS series which makes the 8TGB models particularly attractive with 8TB now having the lowest cost per gigabyte versus its 6TB and 4TB siblings—no more cost premium per gigabyte.

The HGST 8 TB drive is only $289, and Newegg currently has an 8 TB Seagate for $250. Meanwhile, 2 TB SSDs are between $550 and $1,000. The largest hard drive Apple sells is a 3 TB Fusion Drive, and it charges $600 to upgrade an iMac to 1 TB of flash. You can’t even get more than 512 GB of flash without the 27-inch display. Even with most expensive Mac Pro is limited to 1 TB.

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