Saturday, April 29, 2017

Concurrency Is Not Parallelism

Great talk by Rob Pike. The slides are here.

Also: Pike in 2004 (via Dan Luu):

Languages for distributed computing: I’m part of a team working on something along those lines that we hope to write up soon.


It’s that last point - different languages for different subproblems - that sometimes seems lost to the OO crowd. In a typical working day I probably use a half dozen languages - C, C++, Java, Python, Awk, Shell - and many more little languages you don’t usually even think of as languages - regular expressions, Makefiles, shell wildcards, arithmetic, logic, statistics, calculus - the list goes on.


Does the kernel matter any more? I don’t think it does.


I think the future lies in new hardware as much as in new software. A generation from now machines will be so much more portable than they are now, so much more powerful, so much more interactive that we haven’t begun to think about the changes they will bring. This may be the biggest threat to Microsoft: the PC, the desktop, the laptop, will all go the way of the slide rule.

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