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Monday, April 3, 2017

Logs Unite: Forensic Analysis of Apple Unified Logs

Sarah Edwards (PDF via Howard Oakley). Of particular note, regarding Console:

If reviewing on live system

  • Will only show new new events since opened.
  • Will show messages on disk & in memory (‘Volatile’ column).

Previously: Sierra Logging Spew, Sierra Log Littering.

Beware Default QoS


A quality of service (QoS) class allows you to categorize work to be performed by NSOperation, NSOperationQueue, NSThread objects, dispatch queues, and pthreads (POSIX threads). By assigning a QoS to work, you indicate its importance, and the system prioritizes it and schedules it accordingly. For example, the system performs work initiated by a user sooner than background work that can be deferred until a more optimal time. In some cases, system resources may be reallocated away from the lower priority work and given to the higher priority work.


On iPhones, discretionary and background operations, including networking, are paused when Low Power Mode is enabled.

Drew McCormack:

Defaults for QoS can lead to nasty bugs. A lot of my ‘sync not working’ issues were due to ops not executing in low power mode.

If you have tasks using NSOperation or dispatch, and they seem to stop working in low power mode, that could be it.

Making QoS default to no-ops for low resources seems crazy to me. Apps just break. That should never be a default. Should have been opt in.

The iPad Turnaround Is Coming

Jean-Louis Gassée (tweet):

At the time, it sounded like a stream-of-consciousness ventilation that belied a hesitant inner monologue. Seven years later, we see how prophetic it was. We all know what a PC is for, and we “get” smartphones…but we’re still debating what an iPad wants to be. Is it a PC replacement or just a media consumption device? Is it for knowledge workers, or couch surfers, or artists, or students… That we ask these questions points to an abundance of riches, but our culture needs certainty, it demands sharp taxonomies.


This leads us to an easy guess for future iPad Pros. We’re likely to see linear hardware and software improvements (keyboard, screen, stylus, more independent windows…), plus others we can’t think of immersed, as we often are, in derivative thought.


Perhaps I ought to stick to predicting the past, but there too many signs pointing to more muscular iPads taking business away from conventional PCs.

To an extent, perhaps, but I think more than linear improvements would be needed for the iPad to become what Tim Cook thinks of it as.

Chris Adamson:

So where is the software of consequence for iPad? And who, given App Store economic realities, can afford to write it?

Apple TV Penetration Hits 5%

Ben Lovejoy:

New data from comScore shows that 5% of all U.S. households with a WiFi connection now use Apple TV. Apple’s streaming TV box is the fourth most popular platform after Roku, Amazon’s fireTV and Google’s Chromecast.

I’m still having regular problems simply playing video via Apple TV 3. It will take 45 minutes before a TV show is ready to play and sometimes stop loading entirely. This is exactly what I don’t want to deal with when relaxing for a few minutes before bed.

An iPhone in the same room can play instantly. It can also AirPlay, albeit with an increasingly awkward interface, to the Apple TV.

I always expected that it would be lack of content that might draw me away from Apple TV. As it happens, my content needs are pretty basic, I don’t want a streaming subscription, and I’m tempted to switch to something else because it simply doesn’t work reliably. Of course, I’ve now purchased lots of content and am locked in.

Jason Seifer, RIP

Casey Liss:

I got news this morning that my friend Jason Seifer had passed away suddenly.

I’m shocked, and really sad.

Jason was like nobody I’ve ever met. Which is an odd thing to say, since we had never actually met in person. Nevertheless, I immediately started to cry upon hearing the news; an odd thing to do for someone who, on paper, was just a voice in my head.

John Siracusa:

I knew @jseifer as kind, funny podcaster. Many others knew him as a developer and mentor. He was a shining horse-head mask in the darkness.

David Heinemeier Hansson:

Sad loss for the Ruby community. Thoughts with his family and friends. 😢

No podcaster has made me laugh as much as Jason Seifer did.

See also: his blog, The Dev Show, Geek Friday, IRL Talk.

Update (2017-04-03): Faith Korpi:

I hope Jason would be proud to know that my first thought after utter heartbreak was worrying his ghost is going to haunt the shit out of me.

Update (2017-05-18): Doximity (via Bruno Miranda):

Jason was unparalleled in three unique areas: pristine code, themed photo shoots and groan-worthy puns. In spirit and celebration of Jason, we have set up a need-based scholarship through University of Central Florida, Jason’s alma mater.