Monday, April 3, 2017

Jason Seifer, RIP

Casey Liss:

I got news this morning that my friend Jason Seifer had passed away suddenly.

I’m shocked, and really sad.

Jason was like nobody I’ve ever met. Which is an odd thing to say, since we had never actually met in person. Nevertheless, I immediately started to cry upon hearing the news; an odd thing to do for someone who, on paper, was just a voice in my head.

John Siracusa:

I knew @jseifer as kind, funny podcaster. Many others knew him as a developer and mentor. He was a shining horse-head mask in the darkness.

David Heinemeier Hansson:

Sad loss for the Ruby community. Thoughts with his family and friends. 😢

No podcaster has made me laugh as much as Jason Seifer did.

See also: his blog, The Dev Show, Geek Friday, IRL Talk.

Update (2017-04-03): Faith Korpi:

I hope Jason would be proud to know that my first thought after utter heartbreak was worrying his ghost is going to haunt the shit out of me.

Update (2017-05-18): Doximity (via Bruno Miranda):

Jason was unparalleled in three unique areas: pristine code, themed photo shoots and groan-worthy puns. In spirit and celebration of Jason, we have set up a need-based scholarship through University of Central Florida, Jason’s alma mater.

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