Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Twitter Has Stopped Showing Ads to Some VIP Users

Peter Kafka (tweet):

For the past few months, the social media company has stopped displaying ads, or has dramatically reduced the number of ads it displays, to a small group of some of its most prominent and active users.

For those people, Twitter is an ad-free, or nearly ad-free, experience.

Sources say Twitter made the move in an attempt to get some of its VIP users to stay engaged with the service.

Daniel Jalkut:

Selective treatment on Twitter gives me the creeps. First @verified, now no ads for the elite

It seems like the ads have become a lot more intrusive lately.

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I know the thing isn't the easiest in the world to monetize, but jeebus. Management really hasn't seemed to have a clue the past couple of years.

Which is all too bad, cuz it's a valuable service I'd love to see run both well and profitably.

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