Monday, July 27, 2015

Ember Leaves the Mac App Store

Nik Fletcher:

One of the biggest problems we want to fix is sync. Formal sync in Ember right now, given the typical size of an Ember library, hasn’t performed as well as it should have - and we know that you also want to use other services besides iCloud and Dropbox. So, instead of just the two sync options we’ll be giving you the option to both relocate the library, as well as have multiple Ember libraries! For those of you wanting to use Google Drive or some other service you can - just place your Ember library in the chosen location.


It will be a paid upgrade, and we’ll be making sure that upgrade pricing (for Mac App Store and direct customers) is a no-brainer once the public beta concludes.

We will only offer Ember 2 directly, so every Ember customer can receive upgrade pricing. No MAS-ing about ;)

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