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Monday, July 27, 2015

Safari 9’s Responsive Web Design Mode

What’s New in Safari (via Daniel Jalkut):

The Responsive Design Mode provides a fast-switching layout preview of your webpage across a spectrum of viewport sizes. This viewport quick-look tool helps you quickly spot layout issues on a webpage across many screen sizes. It includes several preset sizes for Apple devices, shown in Figure 3, and allows custom viewport sizes to be defined.


Apple at Its Most Pompous


Also amazing? The fact that there are over a million and a half capable, beautiful, inspiring apps on the App Store. And each and every one was reviewed and approved by a team of real live humans. With great taste. And great suggestions. And great ideas.

John Gruber:

What irks here, fundamentally, is that Apple is taking credit for the great apps in the App Store, rather than giving credit to the third-party developers who make them.

Nick Heer:

Apple has gotten really, really good at making ads that show the products, rather than talking about them — remember the “Every Dayseries? They’re still doing ads like that series, but for the Watch. And, while I know they have to change things up every so often, these feel like a miss to me. They’re too smug, and too pompous for my tastes. I prefer the softer sell.

Ember Leaves the Mac App Store

Nik Fletcher:

One of the biggest problems we want to fix is sync. Formal sync in Ember right now, given the typical size of an Ember library, hasn’t performed as well as it should have - and we know that you also want to use other services besides iCloud and Dropbox. So, instead of just the two sync options we’ll be giving you the option to both relocate the library, as well as have multiple Ember libraries! For those of you wanting to use Google Drive or some other service you can - just place your Ember library in the chosen location.


It will be a paid upgrade, and we’ll be making sure that upgrade pricing (for Mac App Store and direct customers) is a no-brainer once the public beta concludes.

We will only offer Ember 2 directly, so every Ember customer can receive upgrade pricing. No MAS-ing about ;)

Previously: Ember and iCloud Core Data.

Linked Lists, Enums, Value Types and Identity

Airspeed Velocity (tweet):

So, with our nodes being references, we essentially got a free globally-unique identifier for each one, which we could then use to implement node equality. But now that we have switched away from box, we can’t use === any more. So what can we do?


Finally, a third option: tag our list elements with a number, and use that to compare them.

I hope there’s a better way.