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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Forbidden Dock Tile Plug-Ins

Karsten Kusche reports that the NSDockTilePlugIn property list key is banned from the Mac App Store.

Blatant Piracy in the App Store

Dave Howell:

AicooSoft has copied our various app descriptions verbatim, co-opted quotes about our apps from the press, and pasted screen shots of our apps pixel-for-pixel into their own screen shots.

Update (2012-09-17): Apple has removed the apps.

Theoretical and Practical Weaknesses of Objective-C

Rob Rix:

Objective-C is a compromise by design, and it is utterly unembarrassed by this. It is, I think, a good compromise, finding a sweet spot where one has very convenient access to low-overhead constructs for performance (C and C++ can be linked in and even intermingled with ObjC) while still having a nice dynamic messaging system supporting flexible late-bound polymorphism.

It’s also a compromise from the ’80s. (Relatively) recent advances in functional programming (among other spheres) sometimes make me wonder if we could strike a better one today.