Saturday, August 18, 2012

MPlayerX Leaving the Mac App Store

Zongyao Qu (via Slashdot):

Sandboxing, although said to be a good protection from the malware, brings too many troubles to the applications themselves. I have made 6 builds trying to make MPlayerX pass Apple’s review and I have explained why some privileges are so important for MPlayerX to achieve this and that features, But the answer is NO, NO, NO, NO, NO and NO.

MPlayerX will lose so many features if it adopted Sandboxing, it could not load the subtitle automatically, it could not play the next episode for you automatically, it could not save the snapshots to the place where you want to, etc. Without those features, MPlayerX were just another lame Quicktime X, which I could not accept.

It’s a better player than QuickTime Player, plus it supports more video formats.

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I can only hope that others will follow.

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