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Saturday, August 18, 2012

MailForge’s New Developer

Mike Bierly and Rob Burdine have taken over development from Matt Milano and Infinity Data Systems:

The company that we established for MailForge is Macsimize Software. We are in the process of getting the site ready right now. Our expectation is that we will have something up and running early to mid next week. The first priority will be to get the basics set up - email setup for support, questions, all of those things. To me, the basics are getting forums and an issue/enhancement reporting system available.

And on the new Macsimize forum:

I would like to reassure people that the primary purpose for MailForge is to be a Eudora replacement. […] I am in total agreement with the folks who have said work on stability before adding features. I’m sure you recognize that no software is ever 100% bug free but it is absolutely reasonable to expect an application to behave and function as expected 99.99% of the time. MailForge is going to be used as our own primary email tool. That way we will have the incentive to make sure it is stable sooner rather than later.

E-mail clients are a tough business, but it’s good to see that both the developers and users are excited. I wish them the best of luck, and I look forward to working with them on integration with my products.

Zombies and ARC

Apple QA1758:

Prior to iOS 6 / OS X 10.8, using the the Zombies instrument or NSZombieEnabled or the "Enable Zombie Objects" Xcode diagnostic, prevented ARC from “cleaning up” instance variables at deallocation-time. Your -dealloc methods would still be run, however any instance variables that you didn’t explicitly set to nil would be untouched. If an instance variable strongly referenced an object, then that object would be kept alive forever by the abandoned instance variable.

Via Cédric Luthi, who offers a workaround.

MPlayerX Leaving the Mac App Store

Zongyao Qu (via Slashdot):

Sandboxing, although said to be a good protection from the malware, brings too many troubles to the applications themselves. I have made 6 builds trying to make MPlayerX pass Apple’s review and I have explained why some privileges are so important for MPlayerX to achieve this and that features, But the answer is NO, NO, NO, NO, NO and NO.

MPlayerX will lose so many features if it adopted Sandboxing, it could not load the subtitle automatically, it could not play the next episode for you automatically, it could not save the snapshots to the place where you want to, etc. Without those features, MPlayerX were just another lame Quicktime X, which I could not accept.

It’s a better player than QuickTime Player, plus it supports more video formats.