Saturday, August 18, 2012

MailForge’s New Developer

Mike Bierly and Rob Burdine have taken over development from Matt Milano and Infinity Data Systems:

The company that we established for MailForge is Macsimize Software. We are in the process of getting the site ready right now. Our expectation is that we will have something up and running early to mid next week. The first priority will be to get the basics set up - email setup for support, questions, all of those things. To me, the basics are getting forums and an issue/enhancement reporting system available.

And on the new Macsimize forum:

I would like to reassure people that the primary purpose for MailForge is to be a Eudora replacement. […] I am in total agreement with the folks who have said work on stability before adding features. I’m sure you recognize that no software is ever 100% bug free but it is absolutely reasonable to expect an application to behave and function as expected 99.99% of the time. MailForge is going to be used as our own primary email tool. That way we will have the incentive to make sure it is stable sooner rather than later.

E-mail clients are a tough business, but it’s good to see that both the developers and users are excited. I wish them the best of luck, and I look forward to working with them on integration with my products.

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Is SpamSieve compatible with the current build of MailForge 3.x from Macsimize? It's not quite clear from the SS manual or the Macsimise forums. I do realize things are in flux now, but I need to find an alternative to thunderbird (macos). thanks

@Mikey In theory it should work, but I’ve been encountering some problems. I’ll post back here after I’ve straightened things out with the new developers.

Dear Mike Bierly and Rob Burdine... THANK YOU for taking this project on! There is definitely a demand for your product (one need only search the web for the keyword "Eudora" to see countless websites, blogs, forums, etc... with users practically desperate for a true Eudora replacement... may MAILFORGE live up to this promise!) I downloaded and ran v. 3 from infinity and was able to get mail ported from Eudora successfully (past attempts always failed) but may things did not work... then I saw that you took over a few weeks ago and checked out your site. I downloaded the latest Macsimize version and WOW!!! THINGS ARE WORKING!!! I'm so damn happy... SO ITS TIME TO PAY YOU!!! AND WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?? Your game plan is excellent - focus on the basics first... and SOMEONE OUT THERE needs to help you Market this - EUDORA USERS HELP THESE GUYS - if Mike and Rob succeed THEN EVERYONE WINS!!!!! May I offer my services... Brian S /

@Mikey Macsimize says that SpamSieve integration will be a focus of the upcoming 3.1.4 release.

compliments for Mailforge!
I left Eudora for Mail Apple. Now how can transfer my folders from Mail to Mailforge?

How will be possible to manage the vertical lines as was possible in the forwarded mail in Eudora?

We can hope for these upgrades in the next version? When?
Thanks, Alberto

Ross Hunter

Any progress on restoring the forum?

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