Thursday, August 16, 2012

Twitter API Version 1.1

This post from Michael Sippey sounds like the end for third-party Twitter clients. They’ll be restricted in the number of users they can have as well as in the ways they can display tweets. Multi-network clients, e.g. for Twitter and, are prohibited.

See also: comments from Marco Arment, Lex Friedman, Dr. Drang, Manton Reece, and Iconfactory.

Update (2012-08-28): Paul Haddad:

With the above rules being in place its easy to see why continuing the public alpha/beta would be problematic. Someone might use the app, decide they don’t like it and the token would be gone forever.

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Big opportunity for's Alpha if they can get third parties on board *and* scale for a reasonable cost. Most people aren't going to pay $50 to use the service.

[...] was hoping for improved client apps or renewed support for third-party developers, but at least I got six of these advertising [...]

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