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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Twitter API Version 1.1

This post from Michael Sippey sounds like the end for third-party Twitter clients. They’ll be restricted in the number of users they can have as well as in the ways they can display tweets. Multi-network clients, e.g. for Twitter and, are prohibited.

See also: comments from Marco Arment, Lex Friedman, Dr. Drang, Manton Reece, and Iconfactory.

Update (2012-08-28): Paul Haddad:

With the above rules being in place its easy to see why continuing the public alpha/beta would be problematic. Someone might use the app, decide they don’t like it and the token would be gone forever.

Injection Grammars & Project Variables

Allan Odgaard:

We could modify this command to support the special issue scheme, but that is not elegant. Instead we make a minor but important change to the injection grammar from above. We change the name key to$2.hyperlink. What we did was add $2 which is the second capture from the regular expression, namely the URL scheme (more about syntax allowed in format strings).


What’s great about this is that we can now create a new command, still using enter as key equivalent, but using a more specific scope selector so that it only targets issue links.

Wang Ting

Jeff LaMarche:

I received a fairly prompt response from with regards to the Tile Cutter infringement I blogged about earlier today. They’ve sent an e-mail to Wang Ting, the “developer” fond of taking apps off of GitHub and selling them as his own creations. Apple has asked him to voluntarily take down TileCutter or provide evidence that he has the right to publish the app.


Maybe if Apple gets enough DMCA takedown notices for the same developer in a short enough period of time, they’ll consider doing the right thing. I’m not holding my breath, mind you, but I feel like I have to try and make the right thing happen if I can. Finding a way to get word all the rights holders seem the best and only way to do that right now.

Infiltrate the Vault

Omar Choudary (via Dave Dribin):

During the past year Joachim Metz, Felix Grobert and I have been analysing this encryption mechanism. We have identified most of the components in FileVault 2’s architecture and we have also built an open source tool that can read volumes encrypted with FileVault 2. This tool can be useful to forensic investigators (who know the encryption password or recovery token) that need to recover some files from an encrypted volume but cannot trust or load the MAC OS that was used to encrypt the data. We have also made an analysis of the security of FileVault 2.

They’ve published a paper and the code.

Joyent’s “Lifetime”

Ken McKinney and Hacker News report that Joyent is reneging on its lifetime hosting plans that were promised to be honored for “as long as we exist” (via Nicholas Riley). They also haven’t given customers much notice before the October 31 sunset date.

Update (2012-09-06): TextDrive co-founder Dean Allen:

I’d like to announce that on November 1st, 2012, TextDrive will relaunch anew as a separate hosting company, staffed and funded, run by me. Please consider the recently announced end-of-life for Joyent’s shared hosting customers now revised to be a continuation-of-life, to be carried out in the same friendly, creative, publishing-centered spirit of TextDrive’s early days.