Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Path Finder Per-Folder View Settings

Steve Gehrman:

The implementation of per folder settings took over two months of work. To accomplish this we used a Cocoa technology introduced in Tiger called Core Data. Unlike the Finder (with its notorious .DS_Store files) we use no hidden files, we do not require files scattered around in every directory, and no helper files will ever silently appear on your network shares or external hard drives.

Path Finder 4.8 will store its visual per-folder settings in a centralized SQLite database located in ~/Library/Application Support/Path Finder/CoreData.

It looks like the settings are keyed by directory ID and volume ID.

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i would like it better if EF did something like this and plist files weren't being sprinkled about.

That is what EagleFiler does. The plist files are a backup and for interoperability with other applications and scripts (kind of like the XML version of the iTunes library). What don't you like about the plists? Would you prefer it if they were invisible?

i think i'd like them better if they were all in one place like the itunes library it seems like they change a lot and that my syncs got a little longer after a session in EagleFiler after they arrived, but maybe i am just imagining things. if they were invisible that would be a little nicer when browsing my files in Finder.

OT: how about support for skim and their new bundles in EagleFiler?

The problem with doing it like iTunes is that EagleFiler can track a lot more information than iTunes, and to save memory it doesn't load everything at once. Putting it all in a single file would be slow, use lots of RAM, and result in a huge file.

I'm not sure what you mean by "support for skim," but I am planning to support the new .pdfd bundle format.

oh that makes a lot of sense. i guess this whole thread should have been in the c-command forums. oh well. by support for skim i mean viewing (and maybe creating) of the notes and markup from within EagleFiler. but just supporting pdfd would be 90% of lovely. i made that feature request and i was very pleased on it's implementation.

We'll have to see about viewing the Skim stuff within EagleFiler. Depending on their open source license and how the code is structured, it might be possible. Of course, it's pretty easy to just open the files in Skim, and then you can take advantage of its other features. Additional discussion and feature requests should go in the EagleFiler forum.

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