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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Path Finder Per-Folder View Settings

Steve Gehrman:

The implementation of per folder settings took over two months of work. To accomplish this we used a Cocoa technology introduced in Tiger called Core Data. Unlike the Finder (with its notorious .DS_Store files) we use no hidden files, we do not require files scattered around in every directory, and no helper files will ever silently appear on your network shares or external hard drives.

Path Finder 4.8 will store its visual per-folder settings in a centralized SQLite database located in ~/Library/Application Support/Path Finder/CoreData.

It looks like the settings are keyed by directory ID and volume ID.

Mac News Junkie Bundle

For the next week, Brad and Erik at Cynical Peak and I are offering the Mac News Junkie Bundle, which lets you buy Cyndicate and EagleFiler together for just $55. Cyndicate is a new RSS/Atom feed reader that follows the e-mail paradigm (which feels more natural to me) and offers filters, smart folders, and automatic ratings to help you manage and prioritize the incoming flow of news. When you find an article that interests you, just press F1 to add a Web archive of it to your EagleFiler library.