Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cocoa Scripting Tools

I’ve been using Suite Modeler for about four years now. It helped me learn Cocoa scripting and saved me a lot of time, but frankly it was also maddening to use: the user interface remained rough, and it would crash and then not re-launch properly because it was out of sync with its daemon. Every once in a while there’d be bug fixes, but registered users weren’t told about them, and they often weren’t posted on Version Tracker. Daniel Jalkut reports that Suite Modeler 3.0 is out. It’s now universal and free, but I’m not sure what else is new—most of the documentation still refers to version 2.x.

I’ve been wanting to transition to the newer sdef format, so I’ve been using Sdef Editor recently. The recently released version 1.3.2 is universal, and it fixes a crashing bug that was plaguing me. Overall, it works well, and the sdef format is clearly the future.

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