Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sofa Control 1.0

Sofa Control lets you control other applications besides Front Row using an Apple Remote. For example, you can page through a PDF (and adjust the zoom level) in Preview. It’s extensible via AppleScript.

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Sofa Control is nice, but for me not very usable. I use Remote Buddy on my mac mini and you can also control mouse and keyboard with that.

Just to note, Sofa Control is the fucking bomb!

If you are proficient in AppleScript, (which I am), you can use Sofa Control to create the homebrew MiniHDTV setup of your dreams in rather simple fashion.

Sofa Control is actually kinda weak software, with lousy documentation and obvious preferences left un-prefed. But it just works. It took me a month to put a reliable and functioning UI ten times better than what the UI AppleTV has. (And the new AppleTV UI ain't too shabby.)

Remote Buddy is technically superior in many ways, but it requires learning it's own unique homebrewed development IDE to design the UI, which seems a bad use of my time. And the developer is kind of a dick.

(I wonder if the proprietor sees new comments on years old posts, but I like Sofa Control enough that I don't care. Found the post via this link, for what it's worth.)

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