Tuesday, March 7, 2006

A Brief History of Metrowerks

Greg Bolsinga (via John Gruber):

I was the sole engineer on a product called Class Wrangler. I was really happy the first time I got a bug report on Class Wrangler. It was the first piece of software I had worked on that people actually used. In addition, they used it and they actually cared about how it worked! They cared so much that they took the time to file a bug report about the problem. I loved getting bug reports on Class Wrangler. I created the first pass of this product during my two week ‘trial period’. When I went to Texas from Chicago the first time, I stayed for 2 weeks in corporate housing (with a rental car) all paid for by Metrowerks. I would also get paid for the 2 weeks. If they decided they liked me, I’d be hired. Otherwise I’d go back to Chicago with my 2 weeks payment for my work. I knew that I could pass the test, but it was still one of the strangest hirings I’ve heard about.

Update (2007-12-31): The article has been moved here.

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