Sunday, March 5, 2006

Chirping Power Mac G5

John Siracusa:

Then I noticed a strange noise…a chirping sound. I chased down the source, I searched the net for solutions, and I eventually wrote about it here at Ars in March of 2004. The summary: the power supply in the revision 1 Power Mac G5 made chirping noises, and there was no hardware-based fix in sight.

So that’s why I’ve been hearing that noise.

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Two small tweaks made using both my dual G5s a lot nicer:

- disabling nap with the CHUD tools as Siracusa explains, which pretty much removes the chirping for me

- setting Processor Performance to Highest in the Energy Saver settings. This stops the CPU fans from spinning up and down all the time whenever a process starts using the CPU.


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