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SQLite 2.8.13

SQLite 2.8.13 was released today. I’ve posted a Mac OS X build that may save people some time. When you download SQLite and build it on a stock Mac OS X system, the sqlite tool has a very primitive command-line editing facility. This build of sqlite uses the GNU readline library, which provides fancy command-line editing (using, e.g. Emacs key bindings) as well as a command history. Software built using the included libsqlite.a library does not link with readline and thus is not tainted by the GPL.


Does it pass all of its unit tests yet? I've been building sqlite from CVS regularly for a couple months and have yet to see "make test" run all the way through without any failures...

There were also some scary CVS log comments today about changing tests so as to have no failures in the release version, even if there are bugs. Not very confidence-inspiring...

There is a a check-in that changes a test so that it passes even though there's apparently a bug. I'm not worried about it because I don't use "create as select," anyway. The tests have consistently passed for me for all the versions I've tried in the last 18 months, including 2.8.12 (which didn't include this "fix").

Ah, interesting. I've been building straight from CVS, rather than just the release versions. I should probably try a release version at some point...

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