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Monday, March 8, 2004

Scripting Interface Guidelines

TN2106 offers Apple’s guidelines for creating scriptable applications. To do things the right way, I should really be using the new sdef format, but unfortunately it isn’t yet supported by Suite Modeler. (Memo to Don Briggs: please e-mail your registered users when you update Suite Modeler.)

CVSTrac 1.1.2a

I’ve posted a new Mac OS X build of CVSTrac, which I call 1.1.2a. There are three changes from 1.1.2. First, I’ve added a patch that’s not yet in the official CVSTrac documentation to fix a leap year bug where CVS check-ins after 2004-02-29 would be associated with the wrong day. Second, I’ve added instructions for setting up CVSTrac to run as a CGI using Mac OS X’s built-in Web server. Third, CVSTrac is now uses the latest version of the SQLite library (2.8.13).

SQLite 2.8.13

SQLite 2.8.13 was released today. I’ve posted a Mac OS X build that may save people some time. When you download SQLite and build it on a stock Mac OS X system, the sqlite tool has a very primitive command-line editing facility. This build of sqlite uses the GNU readline library, which provides fancy command-line editing (using, e.g. Emacs key bindings) as well as a command history. Software built using the included libsqlite.a library does not link with readline and thus is not tainted by the GPL.