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PowerBook G4 at Amazon

Amazon is selling the low-end 12" PowerBook for $500 off.

$500 of PowerBook G4


You mean $50 off, right? Or, actually, it looks like it's more like $70 off. The same Powerbook can be had from Apple for $1599, and Amazon is selling it for $1529. Plus, the link you posted doesn't work anymore. Maybe they meant it to be $50 off, and briefly had it up for $500 off?

Hi Danny. I didn't know you read my blog.

I bungled the link (fixed now), but it really is $500 off for a total price of $1095.

Looks like that's not the current low-end (which is 1 GHz), it's the old 887 MHz. Still an excellent deal, and cheaper than a refurb direct from apple.

Good point. There's no USB 2, either.

The other difference from the 1GHz model is the lack of DVI-out. I'm happy with mine -- I just wish the RAM ceiling was higher, or at least that the price on 1 GB DIMMs would take a tumble.

But it's also the 1st ed, not the current. No DVI out, max 640MB RAM (unless you'd like to pay the price of a 1GB chip), USB 1.1. The "model of the year" in some lists is the current model with mini DVI, 1GB RAM, 1GHz. But that first model isn't bad as long as you can live without DVI or have a $300.00 converter for VGA to DVI. ;) Preferable to iBook (any) IMHO because of keyboard and durability of PB (in theory) versus iBook. (And like present models of 12, 15, and 17 has no Level 3 cache. :(

MacInTouch reports that if you enter the PWERBKISIGHT code you can get a free iSight, too.

Only while supplies last, of course. I can't imagine supplies lasting very long at that price.

I had that model. After about 30 minutes of use it burned my lap from it's heat. I'm talking, crazy hot. The rubber feet also fell off. I understand the new 1 Ghz model fixed these little problem. I wouldn't buy that machine for $1000 or even $800. $500 maybe, and you'd have a deal.

in the meantime, I like my new 15" AlBook better.

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