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Goombah is an intriguing new application/service that examines your iTunes music library and compares it with other users’ libraries. It then recommends tracks that you might like and lets you listen to them using the iTunes Music Store.


Hi Michael,

In this first release we pay no attention to ratings. Instead, we use user's frequency of playing each song.

Later we will pay attention to ratings entered through the normal iTunes user interface.

Note we're fine tuning the recs over the next day or two... don't take them seriously yet... we needed some real data to plug in and now we have it.

Thanks for posting about us!! :)

Cool. I'm excited. This looks like the half of Amazon that ITMS has been missing, and it's potentially much more accurate and interesting.

Will it hurt my recommendations that I've edited a lot of my ID3 tags so that they are no longer exactly as they appear in CDDB?

Glad to see Gary and crew kept with it!

Robb "I read the Emergent Music whitepaper back in the day" Beal

Reminds me a bit of AudioScrobbler. I've contemplated trying to add support for some sort of collaborative filtering service to PodWorks, but so far I've never really found one I liked.

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