Friday, April 25, 2003

Nisus Writer Express

Nisus has released a beta version of their Cocoa rewrite of Nisus Writer. As much as I’m glad that Nisus Writer is still under development, I can’t get that excited about the product because it hasn’t yet caught up to Nisus Writer 4. As with OmniGraffle, the interface is palette-heavy, although the palettes are in a drawer. When did the menu bar go out of fashion? Palettes should be for frequently used settings where I need direct feedback. I don’t need a palette for setting the number of columns in the document; I’ll do that once!

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The link is dead!?!

Sir, be aware you wrote your reply more than 18 years after the publication of this post. The current product page is - you can consult the original webpage linked above in the Internet Archive.

Kevin Schumacher

Requires 2 MEGABYTES of RAM. Wow. Those were the days.

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