Friday, April 25, 2003


Just as I was pining for the menu bar, Stone Design released FontSight, which brings back the Font menu. It doesn’t work in Carbon applications, but most Carbon applications have Font menus, anyway. Hopefully it will evolve into a MenuFontsX. MenuFonts showed previews of fonts in different sizes, and you could type the first few letters of a font’s name to jump to it in the menu.

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That's a neat idea, and actually there is a preference to set the font size and it does it right away. Did you play with the preferences?

FontSight Prefs


What isn't evident from the MenuFonts screenshots is that if you move the mouse over the hashed section it shows a "submenu" that shows that font in several different sizes at once. So you can keep a reasonably small size for the font menu itself, and then see a larger preview as you hover over the different fonts.

Eric Blair: "Does adding a Font menu to a 'truly Native OS X' app make it less of an OS X app?"

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