Thursday, January 2, 2003

iCal 1.0.1

The new version of iCal seems to be a big improvement. I have about 550K of calendar files, and iCal 1.0 took 15–20 dock bounces to launch and used more than 50 MB of RPRVT RAM. iCal 1.0.1 launches in 3 bounces and uses 16 MB of RAM. Additionally, it’s much more responsive once open and it’s a bit less clumsy at editing event information. Apple’s download Web page is wonky, though. I unchecked the box for sending me news about Apple software updates, but it kept telling me to enter my e-mail address. Even after I did, it still wouldn’t let me download iCal until I had also entered my name.

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That is odd; I didn't have any problems with the download page. Maybe because I entered "" and "Bob" "Blah" in their respective locations; my standard non-existent entries for sites/companies that want that kind of stuff before I can pull down their goodies. :)

Good to hear about the performance improvements. I've been avoiding using iCal/Address Book in conjunction with my Palm precisely because of iCal 1.0's sluggishness. I like iCal better than the calendar function in Palm Desktop, but 1.0 has just been too slow for everyday, all-the-time operation.

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