Thursday, January 2, 2003

10.2.3 and Open/Save Dialogs

I haven’t upgraded my main machine to 10.2.3 yet, because I don’t want to risk any problems before ATPM 9.01 is released. There was a time when I’d download a 0.0.1 Mac OS update and install it as soon as possible, but with Apple’s recent Installer problems, its lack of release notes, and the sheer size of Mac OS X updates, that’s just not a wise idea. I did update my Mac OS X installation on an external drive, however—mainly because I had two reports of SpamSieve not working with 10.2.3. One guy got SpamSieve (and some of his other software) working again by disabling FruitMenu. The other one still gets this Console error when he tries to launch SpamSieve. WindowServer[424]: ERROR! execle(/Users/db/Utilities/ returned, err=22 This is a mystery to me, as the error number apparently means that the executable was compiled for a different processor type. The positive news about 10.2.3, however, is that keyboard navigation has returned to Open and Save dialog boxes. This is really great; I’d almost given up hope that Apple would fix this, since it’s been broken since the Public Beta. The new dialogs are easier to understand than either Standard File or the initial Navigation Services dialogs, but even with keyboard navigation I’m still finding them more clumsy to use. I wish there were a utility like Dialog View that could automatically enlarge all the dialogs for all my applications (and shrink the font size, too). Maybe Default Folder X does this now, but I’d prefer a non-haxie utility that just modified the .plist files.

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did you ever find out what was causing the err=22 failure ?

I've got several applications that started failing in this way, but only if I run them as me. If I log in as a different user, the applications run fine.


Well, I have an application I wrote (EchoMac), and I've had one user report this same error when he tries to run it.

Unfortunately, I have no clue what to tell him. He has tried it as another user on his machine, as well as root, with the same error. Nothing special on his machine that he knows of...


I can tell you what *I* did to get and then fix that error. Perhaps I was just too clever for my own good.

I have a 'Games' folder, but most of them installed with permissions set so that only I (the installer) could play them. Since the 'Get Info' permissions options don't affect folders, I dropped down to a Terminal prompt and used 'find' and 'chmod' to change the permissions manually.

Unfortunately, in the process, a bunch of the games suddenly wouldn't run. When I double-click the icon, it would appear briefly in the dock, then go away. No errors that I saw at first.

This went on for a couple of weeks, and then I happened to load the Console app and wondered what might pop up in there when I ran one of the broken games. I got the err=22 error you encountered.

So I thought about it a bit (I'm a Unix weenie) and took a look at the file listed in the error. Hmmm, it is the actual program that is actually executed, yet it lacks 'eXecute' permissions.

And, voila! If your problem is the same as mine, a 'chmod +x /Users/db/Utilities/' ought to fix it. If not, it certainly won't hurt.

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