Wednesday, September 25, 2002


Julian Missig posted some thoughts about iChat’s interface. Brushed metal aside, I think iChat is pretty good. I love sending files over Rendezvous. Now if only it didn’t crash every time I try to use it…

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iChat crashes for me when I empty the keyboard buffer, either by deleting all the text, or (especially) if I select it all and Command-X to cut. I got in the habit of cutting and repasting from AIM days, when I want to insert a small comment and then get back to the longer IM I was writing. So now I use Command-C to copy instead, and then just type over the selected text. As long as the buffer isn't emptied, iChat seems to be fine.

in my case, ichat crashes in text mode whenever i type a spacebar.
so now i dont ! poor reader!

rahul benegal

i finally found the issue, it was a mismatch between the OS version and the spell checker. this happened after upgrading OS X.
i updated the spell checker (cocoAspell) and now finally iChat and other apps which were crashing, have started working.

rahul benegal

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