Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Jaguar Info Windows

Ken Bereskin claims that Jaguar makes everyone happy by supporting old-style Get Info windows as well as NeXT-style Get Info inspectors. Let’s see: if I select two files and type Command-I without holding down Option, do I get one info window for each? Nope, I get a single window with info for “2 items.” Oops.

Trying to make everyone happy never seems to work. We have hidden filename extensions with complicated rules, a hybrid Finder that refuses to stick to spatial mode, and the option to trade fuzzy text for poorly spaced text. In each of these cases, Apple gives the appearance of catering to the “classic” Mac users without really giving them what they want.

I try not to be too critical of Apple, but (to paraphrase Alan Kay) they have the only OS worth critiquing.

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