Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Apple News Publisher Sign-in Required

Apple sent me an e-mail this morning:

It has been several months since you signed in to News Publisher. If you do not sign in within the next 30 days, your role will be changed.

Your role will change from Administrator to Editor for the following Apple News channels:

Michael Tsai - Blog

Dave Verwer:

I can correct their first line to “It has been several years since you signed into News Publisher”.

It’s an odd thing to do to remove an administrator privilege, though, and what do Editors not get to do? I’ll sign in and make it happy, but it’s an odd change.

It was an odd e-mail. With only one account for the channel, I’m not sure how you’re supposed to get admin access back if you lose it. There’s little you can do in News Publisher, so I almost never log in, but they should know that my account is active as I use the API to submit new posts daily. I do wonder whether that’s worth it, as it does not seem to be a significant driver of traffic, nor even have many readers compared with the Web site.


Update (2024-06-28): Nick Heer:

When I got the email, I immediately tried signing in, and it errored out in two different browsers on four separate attempts. Also, it isn’t available on iOS. A services company!

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For what it's worth, I never use Apple News. I have this site's RSS feed installed in my Feedly account (alongside dozens of other sites). I skim headlines there every day and click through to whatever looks interesting.

@David C
Yeah, I also do not use Apple News, just RSS feeds for me as well. Works well in my experience.

I do use Apple News+, it’s part of AppleOne. I enjoy it a lot.
But I use RSS more, and this site, ArsTechnica, etc. I get it through RSS first.

I imagine for the demographics of this blog, methods other than Apple News will by far bring most of the traffic.

RSS here too. Apple News lost interest for me when it dropped RSS support.

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