Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Reverting From Apple News Format to RSS

Federico Viticci:

If you use News, our @macstoriesnet channel is back to being a standard RSS one. Performance of the Apple News Format plugin for WordPress was horrible and not worth our time improving it. Luckily, News Support reverted us to the old system quickly.

Wow, I didn’t think reverting was even possible. The WordPress plug-in has been working OK for me, but it probably wasn’t worth all the effort to set it up and customize it. I had heard that using Apple News Format would cause the app to drive more traffic to my articles, but nearly two years later the analytics show that almost no one is finding my posts via Apple News. Twitter, RSS, searches, and random links from the Web are all far more effective.


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Sébastien LeBlanc

Your channel is not available in Apple News in Canada 🇨🇦

I tried using Apple News but it just wasn’t very useful to me. For starters I just hate how it presents article lists.

@Sébastien Thanks for letting me know. I’ve contacted Apple’s support about that. News Publisher says that it’s available in every territory supported by Apple News.

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