Monday, February 19, 2024

Hidden Messages Features in iOS 17

Tim Hardwick:

If you press and hold the + button, you will be dropped straight into your photo library, ready to select the pictures you want to send.


Thankfully, in iOS 17, Apple improved the search function so that you can combine search queries and narrow down results to quickly find the messages that you’re looking for. If you’re looking for an image or link from a certain person, for example, first type in the person’s name, then tap “Messages with: [person’s name]”.

Next, select the “Photo” or “Link” filter that appears, and Messages will narrow down the search results further. You can then enter an additional keyword and Messages will show you any links or pictures containing the word. Alternatively, you can start a search with a keyword and then filter the results by person, link, photo, or location.

The Messages feature I’d like to see is being able to Tapback or easily reply from within a notification on macOS.


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Tapback on MacOS is so unwieldy and awkward to use I don't think anyone actually meant to put it there. I should be able to access the tapback UI with a keyboard shortcut of my choosing, then further get one of the extremely limited options with a number or something stupid simple, but alas no. There isn't even an option from the Menubar to get the UI to appear.

I did discover just now that one can left-click+hold and get the tapback UI to open, but there is still the required second click to actually "tapback". A better implementation would be to left-click+hold, then mouseover the wanted option and release ...

These gripes are too much work for Apple, so I guess I'll just wait for touchscreen Macs to ship. /s

@foobat Within the Messages app, you can in fact access Tapback with Command-T (Edit ‣ Tapback Last Message…) and then press a number to choose one (not shown, but it starts with #1 on the left for the heart).

I’m glad iMessage finally keeps track of the unread position in threads. But I wish it opened to the first unread message by default instead of the newest message. Adds an unnecessary step to every single thread I open.

The dropdown we must all endure for common notification actions is the worst thing to hit macOS from a constant UX interaction standpoint.

I miss the one click delete for emails so very much.

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