Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Big Sur Notifications

David Sparks:

I like the new notification system a lot better than the prior one. Notifications are grouped better. Both notifications and widgets are on the same screen. Widgets also feel more intentional with the new iOS influenced widget system. This has been a win, and I’m using Notification Center now more than ever.

The grouping is nice, but I don’t like the invisible close boxes, and…

Philipp Defner:

So many options and yet they are all the same.

I think Mojave’s notification design was better. When a new iMessage came in, there were buttons so that I could quickly reply or mark it as read. Catalina and Big Sur take extra clicks.

Marco Arment:

The important actions are now invisible, hidden behind a hover state that requires an extra click (“Options”).


I know the cost — it’s slower to use and less discoverable.

What are the benefits that make that cost worthwhile?

Peter Kamb:

Wish we could move notifications down 80 pixels... below title bars and tabs.

Would be much less pressing to immediately dismiss them.


Update (2020-11-20): Wojtek Pietrusiewicz:

I implore you to fix Messages and replying from a notification. What used to take 1 click on Mojave or Catalina, now requires 3 clicks. It’s actually faster to just open Messages and reply there.

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As I already tweeted a few days earlier, the Calendar Event notification in BS does not allow me to choose a duration option for the Snooze button any more (before, it appeared with press & hold on the button).

That's a real killer for <me.

Filed a bug report, but like 98% of my reports, it seems to be not bothered with.

Andrew Abernathy

The Calendar Event notification is a significant regression for me as well: makes it effectively useless for my use cases.

Mesly Fernandes

I second that! Its a step backwards for the Calendar snooze button, and really disappointing.

Agreed -- the calendar notification snooze needs to have duration options; even in catalina there weren't enough ("in 2 hours" or "two hours before start") but without any it's a real bummer. hopefully they'll fix that--

I agree with Marco and with the people frustrated about calendar alerts. Apple surely has their reasons, but if it was to benefit their customers, they would let us know why they’d take away a feature that so many users rely on.

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