Monday, January 22, 2024

iOS 17.3 and iPadOS 17.3

Juli Clover (release notes, security, developer):

With iOS 17.3, Apple is adding Stolen Device Protection to the iPhone, limiting access to private information just in case someone gets ahold of both your iPhone and your passcode.


The update also includes support for AirPlaying content directly to some hotel room TVs, creating collaborative Apple Music playlists with friends and family, and more.

Juli Clover:

Apple with iOS 17.2, iPadOS 17.2, and tvOS 17.2 killed wishlists without warning when it moved the option to purchase TV shows and movies from the iTunes Store app to the TV app.


iPhones and iPads running the iOS 17.3 beta will now have a “Go to Your Wish List” button under the Movie and TV Show sections, which provides access to everything that’s been added to the list in the past.


Collaborative playlists in Apple Music allow you to share a playlist with friends and family members, who can then contribute to the playlist with their favorite songs. Members of the collaborative playlist can reorder songs, they can share the playlist to their own contacts, and they can also leave the playlist at any time. The playlist owner has a couple of additional controls over the playlist: they can manually approve new collaborators, and have the option of generating a new invite link, which automatically expires after six days.


While it was previously already possible to see your warranty coverage in Settings for the device in use, that section will now also list your current warranty coverage for all devices linked to your Apple ID.


Update (2024-01-30): Ric Ford:

VMware notes configuration/compatibility issues for MDM [Mobile Device Management] systems with Apple’s new Stolen Device Protection mode, which arrived in iOS 17.3 but is turned off by default.

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