Tuesday, December 12, 2023

iOS 17.2 and iPadOS 17.2

Juli Clover (release notes, security, developer):

The iOS 17.2 update includes the new Journal app, which is designed to allow iOS users to record key moments in their lives. The Journal app includes journaling suggestions, scheduled notifications, and options for adding photos, locations, and more.

For the iPhone 15 Pro models, iOS 17.2 adds a Translate option for the Action Button, which activates the Translate app for conversing with someone in another language. There’s also now an option to record spatial video that will be viewable on the Apple Vision Pro headset in 3D.

In the Messages app, there’s a catch-up arrow for jumping to the first unread message in a conversation, and an option to add stickers to chat bubbles through the tapback menu. There are new Weather and Clock widgets, support for accessing Health data through Siri, a Favorite Songs playlist in Apple Music , and more.

Federico Viticci:

The [Weather] app now shows precipitation amounts for rain and snow conditions for any given day over the next 10 days; there’s a wind map snapshot to see wind patterns for the next 24 hours[…]

Chance Miller (MacRumors):

As we’ve covered extensively, support for collaborative playlists in Apple Music was initially included in the early iOS 17.2 betas. Apple ended up removing the feature due to concerns about spam and abuse. Its website now says that the feature won’t make a return until 2024.

Meanwhile, Apple also says that iOS 17’s AirPlay in hotel rooms feature has also been pushed to 2024, missing Apple’s initial deadline of before the end of this year.

Thomas Ricouard:

Some new SwiftUI features look interesting, like the _logChanges, which is an upgrade over _printChanges. It is very useful to understand why a view body gets computed!


Update (2023-12-19): Jeff Johnson:

I’ve noticed that it has started to show the wrong Safari extension icons in some places for some extensions.


For some bizarre reason, iOS 17.2 has started to substitute the toolbar icon for the app icon in some cases, for example in the Safari Manage Extensions popup.

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