Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Keyboard Cowboy 3.19

Christoffer Winterkvist (Reddit):

With Keyboard Cowboy, users can automate repetitive actions, launch applications and scripts, control system settings, manipulate files and folders, and perform a wide range of actions – all without ever having to take their hands off the keyboard.


Automating workflows by triggering them through application events, such as opening, switching, or closing an application.


By binding groups of workflows to specific applications, you can stay focused and run workflows seamlessly, making you a multitasking master.


By rebinding keys to perform different actions or execute complex key sequences, power users can unlock a new level of efficiency and customize their workflow to fit their unique needs.

This looks really interesting, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get it to work. Anything I do in the main window seems to trigger a SwiftUI hang and then eventually a crash. It sounds like this may be a Ventura-specific issue.


Update (2023-12-06): The hang and crash are fixed in 3.19.1. I then ran into a bug where AppleScript text views were compressed, due to a difference in how SwiftUI decides the intrinsic content size for an element between Ventura and Sonoma. Winterkvist quickly fixed this one, too, in version 3.19.2.

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