Monday, December 4, 2023

Dave Cutler Interview

Dave Plummer (via Hacker News):

Dave Cutler is a seminal figure in computer science, renowned for his contributions to operating systems. Born in 1942, he played pivotal roles in the development of several OSes, most notably VMS for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and Windows NT for Microsoft. Cutler’s design principles emphasize performance, reliability, and scalability. His work on Windows NT laid the foundation for many subsequent Windows versions, solidifying its place in enterprise and personal computing. A stickler for detail and a rigorous engineer, Cutler’s influence is evident in modern OS design and architecture.

Cutler is quick-witted and has an impressive recall of details. It’s hard to believe he’s 81, except that his stories go back to punched cards and 16-bit minicomputers.


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