Monday, November 20, 2023

HandBrake 1.7

HandBrake (Hacker News):

Improved performance on arm64 / aarch64 / Apple Silicon architectures


Added support for drag and drop of multiple files at once


Added support for VideoToolbox H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC, ProRes, and VP9 hardware decoders on macOS 13 and later


Added GPU accelerated Crop & Scale, Rotate, Pad, Yadif, Bwdif, Chroma Smooth, Unsharp, Lasharp, Grayscale filters


Improved SVT-AV1 encoding performance by up to 4x on Apple Silicon Macs

It’s a cross-platform app, but with a real Mac user interface and whimsical icon, and it works back to macOS 10.13.

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Corentin Cras-Méneur

I've tried a number of apps to transcode videos and no matter what, I always end up going back to handbrake. With he right tweaks, I manage to get a great balance between quality and file size.

Now… I hardly ever use the VideoToolbox for encoding within handbrake: it's really fast, but the quality/size ratio is really not great to say the least.

I wonder though with the support for VideoToolbox for decoding whether this is going to make a difference in my transcoding routines.
Using VideoToolbox for decoding might not affect the ending quality too much, and should speed up the process in most cases (or did-I miss something in how this works??).

VideoToolbox decoding and Metal filters are most useful for removing software bottlenecks when also encoding using VideoToolbox. That said, they can free up some amount of CPU for other tasks in any case.

Hardware decoding is generally less robust against nonstandard input, but for most cases works well and allows feeding the hardware encoder much faster.

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