Monday, November 13, 2023

Final Cut Pro 10.7 and Final Cut Pro for iPad 1.3


Final Cut Pro now includes improvements in timeline navigation and organization, as well as new ways to simplify complex edits. The apps leverage the power-efficient performance of Apple silicon along with an all-new machine learning model for Object Tracker, and export speeds are turbocharged on Mac models powered by multiple media engines. Final Cut Pro for iPad brings new features to further enhance the portable Multi-Touch editing experience, including support for voiceover recording, expanded in-app content options, added color-grading presets, and workflow improvements.

Juli Clover:

Editing is being sped up through new keyboard shortcuts for voiceover and grouping clips, plus there are new color-grading presets and titles.

The new versions of Final Cut Pro will be coming to the App Store later this month and they will be free to existing users. Final Cut Pro for Mac is priced at $300, and Final Cut Pro for iPad is priced at $4.99 per month or $49 per year.

John Gruber:

I mentioned last week that video editors took notice that Apple’s behind-the-scenes look at their “Scary Fast” keynote showed the film being editing in Premiere Pro, not Final Cut Pro, and that it wasn’t helping allay the fears of Final Cut Pro devotees that Apple was losing interest in it, a la the still-lamented Aperture.

It’s good to see another significant update after only six months. It sounds like there’s still no common file format.


Update (2024-04-30): Steve Troughton-Smith:

All the RAM and virtual memory in the world didn’t stop Final Cut Pro for iPad from cancelling an export the moment I switched to another app in Stage Manager for a split second

Final Cut Pro for iPad is a real struggle you guys. I’ve been using FCP for 23 years, but this is every bit an ‘iPad app’ in all the worst ways I really hope a v2.0 is on the horizon…

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